Tuesday, November 13, 2012


OVERLOOKED BOXERS OF BC: by brian zelley

*Once upon a time, the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association decided
in 1970 to host and sponsor the annual Golden Gloves tournament.  As part of 
the big promotion, they highlighted the names of 57 past golden gloves boxers.
The big problem with that decision was all but a few were mainly from the
Greater Vancouver area, but even some outstanding boxers from Vancouver
were overlooked such as JIMMY WALTERS who was a regular Golden Gloves
boxer between 1954 and 1958.  In his first tournament in '54 he stopped
Bill Adams in the finals.  Some others that were overlooked were:
Jack Meda, Earl McLeay, Dave Allerdice, Steve Tohill and Dick Coulson.
Some of the others include many Vancouver Island boxers such as:
Mike Caird, Skimp Williams, Danny Daniels, Terry Eastman,
Bruce Baille, Cal Osmond, Larry Cardinal and boxers
from other locations such as Denis Rorick of Prince George,  Hugh Lindsay of
100 Mile House and many other local boxers from Greater Vancouver clubs
such as Del Deugau,  Gord Sinclair, Ken Henderson, Bob Kacer and MARION KOLAR. 

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